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                          Our Boys!!!

"Mira Alma Apple Of My Eye"

R.J.Speciality Winner!!!

Junior Champion NMK.

Junior Champion Greece.

Champion NMK

Champion Greece

Breeder: Zoya Okhovskaya.

Pure American bloodline!!!

"Calypso Mutual Love"

....aka "Primo"

"Grand Prix Winner 2022"

International j.Champion

J.Champion KSV

JChampion ALB

J.Champion NMK

J.Champion GR

Champion NMK

Group Winnwe 1st place

Pure American blood lines! 

         Junior.Champion of Greece.

Group Winner 1st


  2 Years old,standar size Amstaf full temperament!

     Multi Grand Champion .

""Staff Diamond Team Kills Me"

Better known in Greece as "Carlito"...he is 5 years old,a standart size and temperament Amstaf.His character is just amazing!!!
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